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Two Albums

Music to Empower Women in Abusive Relationships



I am an abuse survivor.

I was in an abusive relationship for a number of years, and these songs are what I needed to hear at the time.

If I had known the common characteristics of abuse — the cycles, isolation, mind games, etc — I would have been better equipped to get help and probably wouldn't have stayed so long.

It took me so long to realize that what I was experiencing was in fact abuse, even though it's so clear looking back. I didn't think abuse happened to people like me --

I had grown up in a happy home, had a good job, and a picture perfect life ... from the outside. 

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These Songs Are Written for You

To anyone who is in an abusive relationship right now, you're not crazy. I hope these songs help you to put words on all of the crazy that is going on around you, to not feel so alone, and to empower you to reach out for help. You can change your life for the better. There is hope for  you to have a brighter future. 

These songs are written from the perspective of a female in an abusive relationship, because that was my experience. But if you're a guy in an abusive relationship, these songs are just as much for you. Just switch the pronouns around in your head while you listen. 

And if you are not personally in an abusive relationship, these songs are also for you. They can help you to be aware of the signs that others around you may be in trouble, so that you can  be better able to help that you, too, might see the situation with better understanding.





   he songs of the first album Gilded Cage are written to be a voice helping to put words on the common yet confusing methods of emotional control that keep women trapped.


The songs of the second album Reborn tell of my spiritual journey of deliverance and healing from abuse with songs of encouragement and hope.


  he videos don't contain any harsh or unsettling imagery. If you're in abuse you already know how dark abuse is and don't need to be reminded of it.


These videos were created to be a beautiful place of understanding where clarity can be absorbed in a strengthening way.





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What you're experiencing is real.

You're not crazy.

And there is hope. 

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