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Please help us to reach women around you!


Because someone you know may be silently in need

of a voice of understanding & encouragement to get help.

It's Easy to Share on Social Media!


Please go to these links & share with your friends!

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A suggested link to a source of encouragement & hope

could be a lifeline to someone

struggling in a hidden harmful relationship.

All around us...

It may be the woman next to you

in line at the grocery, your co-worker, or your niece.

There is no stereotype for those affected by abuse.

It touches women in every walk of life.


An estimated one in four women

are subject to abuse

at some point in their lifetime. 

When a woman has been isolated

from those who care most for her,

social media can reach her when most people can't.

Thank You!

Together we can make a difference!

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